The WomenSkills workshop was developed to help you become the woman that God created you to be. With God’s help and personal determination, you can discover a more fulfilling and purposeful life. May God bless you with courage to live a life of LOVE and FREEDOM!

The reading and exercises that are provided throughout this workshop will give you insight and important tools to overcome the damaging baggage from your past and take radical responsibility for your destructive thoughts, attitudes and behaviors.

WomenSkills is challenging you to call a huge “time out” from the business of your life, and to focus fully on you and your relationship with God, others and self. This is not a journey of selfishness and self-absorption, but of positive self discovery and self-improvement. Take the challenge to discover your authentic God-self on a daily basis.

The material is intended to teach women how to become spiritual wives, mothers, friends, leaders.  The end result of this will be women who have a positive influence in their homes and in their communities. For you to experience the transforming power of Christ it is important that you choose to WORK THE PROGRAM! Do not quit, but rather trust in the material and commit to the process. Then watch your personal transformation take place.

Recognition is the 1st step to Resolution.

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