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Sunday Supplement – Thoughts on what it looks like to “Be about my Father’s Business”

sunday supplement

Last Sunday’s message, Jesus Was A 12 Year Old was based on the childhood account of Jesus in Luke 2:41-52. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to this past Sunday’s sermon, you can do so HERE.

As a supplement to the sermon, here are some thoughts from our Junior High Pastor, Jordan Gandara, about what it looks like to be about our Father’s business:

What does it mean to be “about my Father’s business” as Jesus was? What does that look like? It sounds good, and in theory, I may strongly desire to be “so taken by God the father” that I am indeed about his business in a way similar to that of boy Jesus. But the question remains: what does it look like? I do think that may look different for all of us, but it will always put God and His kingdom before our own.

I don’t know what that looks like for some, but I know when I am personally about my Father’s business, my life seems to be little less about me and more about serving others; less about me and my advancement, and a little more about God and His Kingdom’s advancement.

My heart also seems to be more sensitive to others and hungers more for God’s Word and His righteousness. In those times, my life seems a little more worshipful towards the things of Him, and my prayer life seems to flourish a little more.

Specifically, when I see a need of someone around me, my time seems a little less about my schedule and my appointments and I am reminded that I have been appointed to serve others in a Christlike way. My prayers are a little less centered around me, and I seem to have a heightened awareness for those moments when I can pray with others, whether it is a time of rejoicing or a time of hardship and seeking God’s guidance through difficulties.

When I am about my Father’s business I just seem to feel a deeper heart connection to Christ and His leading my life.

When we take the time to survey our hearts and align them with God and His will for us, we are able to see those areas in our life where we are perhaps more about ourselves and less about Him.

What does it look like when you are about your Father’s business?

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