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You have a story to tell of God’s work in your life. Maybe you’re just beginning your walk with God, or you’ve been a Christian for awhile but are just beginning to grow deeper in Christ. Maybe you’ve found new purpose in serving through a Seacoast ministry or in your neighborhood or workplace. Or perhaps you’ve recently witnessed or benefitted from Christ’s service to you through His body, the Church. These are all wonderful stories to tell. Will you tell your story, today?

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A picture tells a 1,000 words! A photo of you helps people connect personally with your story. Perhaps there’s a photo of a special moment, a special someone or a special something meaningful to your story that would add power?

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Note: We may use your story as a sermon illustration, a Seacoast blog post, a printed testimony (in something like our annual report) or we may ask if you can come in to film a testimony video or an audio podcast. Regardless, know that Seacoast pastors will read and celebrate your story, and pray for your continued journey in Christ.