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Shaped By Wisdom

I am super excited about the upcoming Women’s Summer Bible Study, here at Seacoast, “Shaped by Wisdom: Fitness for the Mind, Body, & Soul”. Summer schedules, filled with vacations and activities, often make it difficult for women to commit to an ongoing Bible Study that builds each week. Therefore, we’ve created our own Bible Study series this summer, where each week stands alone. You can come when you’re in town and not feel like you’ve missed something vital. You know, like reading half a book or falling asleep in the middle of a great movie!

next level, summer, campWhy am I so excited? It’s because we have put together a very creative team of our own women who are going to be teaching and sharing each week from their hearts and from their own lives. Each week will focus on a different passage from Psalms or Proverbs, the Wisdom books of Scripture. Our teachers will teach the passage they chose, sharing out of their own experiences and how God has “shaped” their lives and their “walk with Him”, through the wisdom of Scripture.

Then, as our idea developed further, along the lines of “being shaped”, we realize there is a big emphasis these days on taking care of our bodies, as well! After all, our bodies are a gift from God and we only get “one” to last our lifetime! So, we’ve put together another team of women who will share a “Fitness Tip” each week before we get into the Bible Study! How fun is that?! We have so many women who have great ideas on fitness, exercise, nutrition, and how we approach that aspect of our lives! How great to have them share their knowledge and experience with all of us.

I am really jazzed about hearing from all these Seacoast women! God has blessed our church multi-generationally, with many gifted sisters, and isn’t that what the Body of Christ is all about?……using our gifts to encourage one another and build into each other’s lives! So the “icing on the cake” for me, is having this team made up of all ages!

I believe these 7 weeks will be fun, casual, informative, and spiritually transforming! We will be meeting Tuesday nights from 7-9pm in the Café. We begin June 23rd and end on Aug. 4th with a closing night of Worship. I am hoping to see all my Seacoast friends come give it a try and join in the fun!

Come sign up on the Plaza this Sunday and next! It’s only $5! What a bargain!

Finally, keep an eye out for future blog posts from our speakers with summaries of their talks as well as resources for further reflection.

Becky Burke

Member of the Women’s Leadership Team

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