Meet the amazing team of people we're proud to support.

Andrew Buchanan
CRU (Campus Crusade) / Athletes in Action

Andrew is on staff for CRU at University of Texas in Austin. His mission involves developing relationships with students and ministering in the athletic community and fraternities. He is also creating an Athletes in Action ministry to further community and bringing the gospel to athletes at UT.

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Darrell & Sandy Dooyema
The Navigators

Darrell & Sandy are passionate about discipling international students to “know Christ and to make Him known” as well as mentoring younger Navigator campus staff.

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Drew & Kathryn Aufhammer
CRU (Campus Crusade) Regional Office

Kathryn is involved in coaching, training, and shepherding CRU’s campus staff ministry team leaders. Drew oversees CRU’s regional financial operations in California, Arizona, and Hawaii.


John & Grace Tebay
Pastor at Large Ministry in Yorba Linda, CA

After a long and seasoned time pastoring the local church, John & Grace are now on a mission to proclaim God’s truth about Himself and His church in multiple venues. They want to strengthen the love, trust, and unity between leaders, staff, and congregations, and to see church leaders encouraged in their personal lives and ministries.

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Tom & Shannon Norris
CRU (Campus Crusade) Los Angeles, CA

Tom and Shannon are in the heart of LA, partnering with the inner-city church to disciple students. By building relationships with families through food distribution, tutoring, and other programs, they are seeking to maximize the gospel in the city.

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Casey Tussy
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Casey is here in North County San Diego and working to build relationships with coaches and students at local Middle and High Schools. She is passionate about sharing the gospel and mentoring students in her context of school, athletics, camps, and community service.

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