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How To Read Proverbs 31…And Not Feel Guilty

The Women’s Summer Study, Shaped By Wisdom, is in full stride. Feel free to share what you’re learning in the comments section below. Here are some summary thoughts from week 2…PLUS a few extra resources!

Week 2

Speaker: Paige Carlson

Being a “P31” woman has surely felt unattainable. I have found myself time and time again comparing my life with hers and coming up short. But the truth is our perspective may change if we stop comparing ourself to this woman’s accomplishments, and start looking at what’s happening internally.

Instead of it describing a woman who is getting everything right, we see it painting a real life portrait of a woman who trusts God to be sufficient. Verse 30 is key “…a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” It all is centered here – in fear of the Lord. Fear of the Lord is trusting HIS sufficiency instead of our own. It’s this truth alone that can set us free to “laugh at the days to come” (31:25) and “have no fear for our households” (31:21).

This is true freedom – believing God sent Christ to be our sufficiency, our virtue. In a culture and world that tells us we need to do more and try harder to be sufficient, knowing Christ did it for us is really quite amazing.

The gospel brings hope. Our perfection is in Christ who has atoned for our sins and failures and has given His very own virtue to us so that we can stand before God unashamed (Heb. 10:14, Romans 8)

God does not accept you based on how good a woman/wife/mom you are or fail to be. Rather the Lord receives you because he is satisfied by the perfect virtue of Christ, which has been imputed to all who trust in Him.

Further Resources:


The Health Tip of the Week Provided by Jessi Agadoni

It may be an ever-present thought, expectation, conversation, motivation or goal.

We attempt to meet the challenge of the year-round bikini body by following the hottest daily workouts at all the trendy studios, of course, clad in the newest and most flattering LuLu we can find. We strive to be all natural with our beauty products and body care and meet the environmental call of reduce, reuse, recycle with our eco-friendly bags and glass everything. We prepare and stock our homes and kitchens with everything organic and safe, then make the time to share all our safety findings and artistically styled meals on numerous social media platforms. We over-commit and over-volunteer.  We say no to rest and yes to coffee… it’s cold-pressed, organic and local so it’s okay, right?

How fast are you moving? How fast do you feel you should move? The culture around us demands speed without the loss of perfect execution. Can you do it all?  Can your body keep up?

My humble suggestion does not actually include saying no to any of these goals. Instead, I long to encourage one change – slow it down.

Take breaks, savor precious and everyday moments, sit quietly and, please, breathe. Keep your body from burning out by rejuvenating it with little practices throughout the day. This not only promotes health for the body, but a place of reflection for the mind. This unhurried time can mean all the difference as we look at Christ to inform our everyday life.

Here are 5 great ways to put this into practice. Click here to download this helpful guide from our time together.

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