The Seacoast Church Directory

At Seacoast we value relationships and want to continually provide convenient ways to facilitate connections. One of the tools we’re excited to make available to everyone is our Online Directory. It’s so easy! You can visit the directory website or simply download the app to your smart phone/device! Note: For... Read More

When Life Isn’t Fair

“Shaped by Wisdom: Fitness for the Body, Mind, & Soul” – Week 5  By Becky Burke Have you ever felt like life isn’t fair? Have you ever felt like you were doing your best to walk with God, but those not walking with Him seem to be getting all the breaks?... Read More

Renovation Series Wrap Up

Over the last few weeks we’ve been in our series called Renovation: Gospel Stories of Grace at Work. It’s been encouraging to hear the different stories of what God is up to in the lives of people at Seacoast. The truth is, all of us have areas of our lives that are in need... Read More

Shaped by Wisdom: From Fear to Freedom

The Women’s Ministry Summer Study, Shaped By Wisdom, continued this week. Barb Roessler gave the women a lot to think about. Here are some summary notes from her talk. God invites us to experience an abundant life of joy and freedom with Him (John 10:10, II Cor. 3:17). To what... Read More

Becoming A More Healthy You

A cool addition to the Women’s Summer Study, Shaped By Wisdom, are the Health & Fitness tips provided by some of our women each week. This week’s tip was provided by Sara Rosenbaum. “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,... Read More

Something Greater Than Marriage

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has made gay marriage legal in all 50 states and much of our country celebrates. The world with its rainbow flags waving proudly and plentifully was our world. We locked arms with our LGBT loved ones and friends and believed that... Read More

How To Read Proverbs 31…And Not Feel Guilty

The Women’s Summer Study, Shaped By Wisdom, is in full stride. Feel free to share what you’re learning in the comments section below. Here are some summary thoughts from week 2…PLUS a few extra resources! Week 2 Speaker: Paige Carlson Being a “P31” woman has surely felt unattainable. I have found myself... Read More

What Does It Look Like To Trust God?

“Either we are adrift in chaos or we are individuals, created, loved, upheld and placed purposefully, exactly where we are. Can you believe that? Can you trust God for that?” ― Elisabeth Elliot It’s week one of our study looking at Proverbs and Psalms, and here we are, already learning so... Read More